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19 March 2008 @ 10:46 am
Dear guys!

I´m sorry, but I will freeze this journal for the next weeks, months....

I have no idea when or if I´ll be back again.

Please know, that I´m fine and I hope you all are doing well too.

Have a good time, until next time! ;-)
12 January 2008 @ 12:38 pm
I just came across some news!!!
A german tv-channel brings Doctor Who at last!!! *squee*
I can´t wait to see it in german!
I don´t think I will like the synchronisation much but I´m really curious as to how they ´ll handle the british humor.
It will start on the 26th of this month! Two more weeks!!
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11 January 2008 @ 07:39 pm
I got the idea from starpollo

I want to post every book I read in 2008 with a short description.
How many will there be!? :-)

1. The Sorrow of Sisters by Wendy K. Harris

A family-saga playing on the Isle of Whight.
An author inherits a cottage on the Isle of Whight from an aunt she never heard about.
While trying to find out more about her unknown aunt she discovers not only more relatives but a dark secret in her family´s history.

I liked this book very much though it takes a while until you are enthralled with the story.

2. The bad girl by Mario Vargas Llosa

It is more or less a love story going over a lifetime where the main characters cross each other every other year....
It is a very good book though I needed quite some time to get through with it. The characters are authentic but not very  much after my liking.
I do recommend to read it but it´s no "easy-reading"

3. Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

It´s the first of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels
Kind of Buffy grown-up
It´s good to read and the humour is deep black
I´m looking forward to the other parts of he series

4. Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Well the movie is probably more known. I read the book already many years ago when I got it from unightfog for my birthday. But to be honest I couldn´t remember much so I read it again.
It is a nice fantasy story. The search for love and the self.
Not too special, but as I said: nice reading material
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09 August 2007 @ 01:43 pm
I know I haven´t been here for a while again. There were some things on my mind I had to figure out myself I suppose.
But just a few minutes ago I was struck by some kind of insight in my soul and I have to write it down.
Just to let you know I´m not always the brooding unhappy type! *lol*

I was sitting at my office window in the 9th floor smoking a cigarette and looking down on the city. The sun was shining and the people on the ground were all going about their business. And suddenly I realised:
I am happy! My life is an awful lot better than I always thought!
I live in a beautiful city, I have a job and in a month I will have an even better one. I have a flat of my own, I have a car and I have two guinea pigs who are quite amusing to watch.
And most of all I have friends. And some very good ones above all.
They like me and I like them. Maybe I´m not always the nicest person and can be quite sarcastic too, but they just accept me as I am and I am forever thankful for that.

I justed wanted to let you lovely people of my f-list know that I apologize for not commenting on your journals an awful lot though you seem to be around quite often.
I guess I´m just an egoistic, discontented moron but I hope I can change that in time!
At least I realised it, that should be a good start! *lol*

Thanks for everything! :-)
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27 July 2007 @ 12:53 pm
Life the last three days was a rollercoaster of emotions! I´m swinging like a manic-depressiv from intense highs to terrible lows within minutes, dependant on the last phone call.
Today I´m fortunately quite calm. At least its fix that I get the job for real, though it´s not too sure when. Either the first of september or the 17th...
I won´t bore you with the details, lets just say bureaucracy sucks! ;-)

Anyway, yesterday I heard two bits on the news which I thought are worth a discussion.
Let me know your opinion!

The first thing was a new genre of internet-vids which are very popular in the states and grow more and more popular here in europe too.
They show young sexy models in not much more than tiny bikinis firing heavy arms and all kinds of weapons on dummy´s (artificial blood included, of course).
Being questioned about the possibility of weapon-glorification, or the belittlement of the danger of arms, the producers and the models likewise just said that it would be more like a "sports-video" and there would be no risk of any such things!
I can´t believe this! 
Really, weapons are deadly, they are not for fun. In my opinion only heavy trained persons after passing a psychological test should be allowed to carry them at all!
There are other means of self-defence too.
*shakeshead* I really don´t get those people. 

The other thing i heard was a bit more funny and about wales. I was all ears when I heard "wales" from the speaker, because as you probably know unightfogand I will go there pretty soon for holiday.
Anyway, there is a small hinduistic group which possesses and worships an ox named Shambo.
No problem so far that´s what hindus do, right? yeah.
Now, this ox got tested positive on TB. And the welsh and the whole british government has a law about infected cattle must be slaughtered to avert further spread.
But the members of this group won´t let their ox get killed, because for them it´s holy. They even built a human wall against any intruders (aka police).
I understand both sides. The one side is law, the other side is religion.
But there is a small detail which made me think.
This ox is an OX. And usually in hinduism the COW is holy, because she stands as a symbol for the goddesses and maternal provision. So cow. Not bull. And certainly not ox!

Yeah, well. I´m no lawyer and I am no hindu. So I will not critizise either party. I justed wanted to share and hear your thoughts!

Have a nice weekend! :-)

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25 July 2007 @ 08:17 am
I think at the moment i am the happiest girl on the whole planet!


On the first of september I´ll start at my new job and till the end of this week i have to quite this one! Oh, with pleasure! *lol*
The new one is about microbiology and I always liked this area during my schooling, I am sooo glad I got this job!

The job interview was last thursday. The people there seem to be very nice and we had a good laugh during the interview. We even talked about my holiday!
The payment will also be slightly better. And as I have a lot of free days left, it may be possible that I can stay off work the whole of august!

happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.... 
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23 July 2007 @ 08:27 am

The subtitle of my LJ holds definitely much truth in it. Confessions of a weird mind indeed!

You want an example? Here you go.

I ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows months ago and I knew I wouldn´t get it on the day of its release but  I´d get it only a few days after, because I ordered from Britain and it takes a while to get here...
Anyway, on saturday morning I woke up in my bed, my first thought being: Today is the release of HP. 
I lay there in my bed discussing with myself whether I could wait until thursday or not. When I finally got out of bed and looked at my mobile there was a short message from

unightfog. "I got my Harry Potter book!"
Great! In my pj´s I jumped to my post box, desperately hoping I would find a parcel in there, but there wasn´t one of course.
What did I do? Showering and skipping breakfast (which really tells a lot, I hate to miss breakfast, it makes me grumpy! *lol*) I jumped into my car and headed into the city. There at our english bookshop I bought a copy of the latest Potter book...
I spent the whole day reading, finishing at 2:30 am. 
So... tomorrow I will get a parcel with a book I`ve already bought and read. Oh my... *shakeshead*

What does this make me?
Am I justed obsessed, curious or actually on the edge of reason?
I would appreciate some advice because sometimes I really think I´m not quite right in my head! *lol*

About the book


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20 July 2007 @ 08:49 am
Since yesterday afternoon, my flat counts three inhabitants again. My lonely Doctor got a new companion!
Her name is "Hexe", it´s german for witch. She is the cutest guinea pig ever. Looks a bit like a punk. The fur on her head stands up like a Mohawk, one eye has a brown patch, the other a black patch around it. And she is a bout one third the size of the doctor. But she has quite a temper so they will be fine. They aren´t best friends yet but at least they accepted each other without much of a fight. And I bought them a bigger cage too for the "get-together"! *lol*
Yes it´s already the third cage I bought ... if I ever get children I will spoil them rotten for sure! *shakeshead*

As soon as they are comfy with each other and the new cage I will show you some pictures again.
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15 July 2007 @ 10:33 pm
I haven´t updated lately, and really there wasn´t much to say lately, but this afternoon something happened that made me write an entry again.

It isn´t pretty therefore I put it under a cut.

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05 July 2007 @ 01:54 pm

Dear DOCTOR unightfog,
I´m so happy for you for having finished your study and now you are free to do whatever you want!
At least for some time! *grins*
Big hug and cheers to you!!!!

PS: next time I bring Whisky to celebrate remind me that I am still at work and shouldn`t get foxed! *grinssheepishly*
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